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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologist's work with client's that are interested in improving chronic disease, musculoskeletal pain, acute and chronic injuries, as well as sports performance.


Claire is the founder and co-owner of Adapt with Pilates. An equipment pilates studio centred around exercise rehabilitation and sport performance.

Remedial Therapy

Adapt EP offers remedial massage therapy, that specialises in injury management and postural pain.


Holistic Nutrition consultation's are available with Claire to work through complex health concerns, as well as weight management.

Have you tried multiple methods of improving your health with minimal success?

Work with us to achieve a holistic approach to your health and performance goals.

Adapt EP specialises in corrective exercise for injury management and sports performance, as well as adapting nutrition plans to improve and support your daily requirements. Remedial massage is a fundamental necessity to the overall picture when it comes to reducing pain, and improving health and performance.

About the Director

My name is Claire MacGeachy and I am an accredited exercise physiologist, remedial therapist, nutritionist and pilates instructor specialising in weight management, corrective exercise for injury management and postural correction, remedial therapies as well as kinesiology taping and dry needling.
My passion and focus is on holistic health concepts with respect to managing weight, injuries and general well-being. I have been working alongside many general practitioners, specialists and other allied health for the past 10 years, and have gained interest and respect from some of the top diabetic support teams, local GPs and specialists for my work with chronic health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, pain management and injury outcomes.

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Claire works with a variety of different health goals with her patients and clientele.

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“Very pleased with how much i have lost so far. It is a great program you’re running and you are so knowledgeable and professional.”

Weight Loss Client

“I was referred to Claire via a leading Australian Physiotherapist after a serious accident. Claire helped me with her knowledge to understand my injury and with her experience in the gym, helped me to lead a normal life again. One of the many things i liked about Claire is her compassion for people like myself, who’s life had stopped in its tracks due to a serious injury.”

Rehabilitation Client

“Claire’s approach is professional and caring. Her knowledge and way of explaining how it works is amazing and she structures a program that is right for you. I have lost weight and have not felt this good in years! I have and will continue to recommend this program to my friends!

Weight Loss Client

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